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Consulting Services  

Professional Consulting Services


Prime MSP will meet or exceed your goals when selecting a consulting firm.

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   Prime MSP has been delivering information technology services and solutions to businesses since 1995. Prime's small-team approach with high-level consultants and engineers ensures the level of personal service a company demands.

    If your business requires a customized software or network support and integration, Prime MSP will work with you and your organization to design, develop, test, and 'roll-out' a high quality solution into production. After your live roll-out Prime can also provide ongoing support, service and enhancements.

    Our philosophy is to rapidly deliver high quality applications at a low cost to our clients. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction in the end. We will also work with your IT staff to provide the appropriate training to enable them to deliver on-going support for the new solution.

Areas We Can Help

Dynamic Consulting ServicesProject and Program Management: For any or all of the services listed below, we can provide experienced and skilled management. Our staff will work in conjunction with your management group and the project team to ensure that expectations are set correctly and that these expectations are fulfilled. Our managers understand that the keys to making a project successful are to keep the project team focused, and to keep the project on time and on budget. Our staff are also experienced enough to recognize when a plan needs to be reevaluated and revised to ensure the overall success of the project.

Conceptualization and Implementation Planning: Prime MSP can assist in exploring whether more information technology use brings value to your organization. Next, we can help in implementation planning. Necessary elements of this task will be needs analysis, creation of a business case (to determine where the biggest bang for the buck can be had), crafting of the implementation blueprint. This blueprint should include cost and timing estimates as well as technical requirements and design elements. These tasks can all be done more or less formally, depending on your needs.

Software and Hardware Selection: Once the required functions and characteristics of the system have been defined in the planning stage, software and hardware platform selections must be carried out. Prime MSP can provide the necessary expertise to streamline this task. In addition to streamlining, Prime MSP will also act as an independent third party evaluator of the options to ensure that your organization receives the capabilities it requires but does not spend a dollar more than is necessary.

Implementation of Pilot Projects: Sometimes organizations want to see a proof-of-concept prior to full scale implementation and rollout of a system. Prime MSP can provide the skills, experience and expertise to design and carry out this Implementation Pilot Project.

Full Scale Implementation: Once the software and hardware have been selected and the implementation plan has been proven and approved, full scale implementation of the system can begin. This stage will typically involve installation and configuration of hardware and software, data conversion, application development, and a significant amount of planning and coordination. Prime MSP will take on as much of this task as your resources require, from turnkey to staff augmentation.

Application Development: A key element of many implementation projects is the development of customized or semi-customized applications and interfaces. This work is required to adapt the broad-based capabilities that come out-of-the-box to meet the more specific and detailed information needs of your organization. This task probably encompasses a broader range of work effort than any other listed here. Simple interfaces may require only a few hours of development time while other more complex applications will consume several years worth of resources. Through our staff and out partners, PDTG can provide appropriately skilled resources for whatever length of time is necessary for the development task at hand.

Prime MSP understands this development process and the technologies involved. We will help you ensure that your organization takes a reasonable approach to the design of applications. We can also manage the development effort to make sure that the goals and expectations of the application are met.

Process and System Evaluation: Once your system has been installed and operational, Prime MSP can still provide valuable service. Periodically, an outside audit of the system's function and relevance to current business needs and activities should be carried out. This work mainly involves a verification that the business and application needs are still in concert with the system’s capabilities and strengths. The results of this work are recommendations for the business process changes to more fully utilize additional capabilities of the system, system changes to more closely mirror the required business functions, or even the adoption of a new software platform due to changes in both of these.

Training: The key to receiving value from the implementation of a new Information Technology campaign is to have your staff utilizing it in their daily activities. They will not be able to fully exploit the capabilities of the system without training. Prime MSP will offer a wide array of training options, from highly customized personal instruction to more generic computer-based, self-paced training software.

Application Consulting  

We will work with your company to define your business requirements and then develop a plan to design, develop, test, and implement your custom application. We have the capability of working with a variety of development tools which allows us to choose the best tools for the job.

Our Application Development division provides ground-breaking custom software enhancements and solutions for many of your company's procedures including Accounting and Finance, Partner Accounting Systems, Trading System Interfaces, Excel Programming, Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Project Management and Task & Workflow Control, Automated Marketing systems, Web Portals, Accounting Integration, Sales and Accounting Reporting, Order Entry & Processing, Invoicing and A/R, Purchasing and A/P, inventory control, shipping integration, and Human Resources.

Prime MSP provides Application and interface development services facilitate an even alignment with existing products, services and personnel.  
Network Consulting  

This approach has given Prime MSP the ability to become an integral asset to its customers at a low hourly rate (or contract terms if requested) without hidden costs, retainer fees, or long-term commitments.

Prime MSP is certified by numerous hardware and software vendors to provide on-site services and solutions. Every member of Prime's technical staff is trained for the software and hardware on which they work.


Prime MSP will meet or exceed your goals when selecting a consulting firm.

Please contact us at: 1-201-440-2900 or by E-mail.

Prime MSP is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA).

Prime MSP is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.

Prime MSP is a member Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Prime MSP protects your network and servers 24x7.

Prime MSP is a member of the Software Industry Professionals Association.

Prime MSP employs Certified Industry Webmasters.

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