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Total Application Care

Our Total Application Care service is gennerally used for workstations, servers, equipment and industry specific needs.

In many cases the applications you work with on your network, servers and workstations are critical to the basic functions of your business.  Our Total Application Care service allows Prime to maintain all aspects of your line of business software functions.  From standard Microsoft Office products, accounting and accounting firm programs, manufacturing and distribution automation systems, graphic arts to stock and commodities trading platforms. We aork with so many different types of clients over 15 years that we have attained expert knowledge in the efficient operations of most industry applications and databases. 

In some cases where your business critical systems includes key workstations such as specialized machinery as in accounting firms, manufacturing and distribution or which are controlled by PCs we can optionally image all hard drives and create stand-by units to quickly replace in case of a hardware failure to get your systems up and running once again in short order.  Most database backups are set to daily and nightly.

We implement database backups configured for as frequent as every 15 minutes so in the case of a server failure of databse corruption the loss is minimized.

For example in time sensative senarios where deadlines and date\time end-points can not be overrun here are a few examples of how Total Application Care can prove invaluable.:,

  • An accounting firm in the height of tax season should not afford to incur the productivity loss even a single non-productive accountant.
  • A manufacturing or distribution facility who's systems can not sustain a backlog of production.
  • Billing departments where constant access to account package payables receivables and inventory will cause a loss in immediate revenue.

Line of Business Software: (Total Application Care)


  1. Manage and Maintain all Server and Workstation Application Software including all patches, updates, backups and revisions.
  2. Provide end user support on the maintenance of server, machine and desktop applications. 
  3. Install and Manage Remote desktop assistance software (for technical support usage)
  4. Provide end user onsite and remote support services through remote assistance software


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