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Total IT Care

 One easy-to-budget price includes virtually all your technology needs.

In keeping with our results based rather than effort based philosophy, the following plan was designed to provide you with the greatest level of service while reducing your IT expense to a minumum.  Historically, most companies pay for work performed and time spent as opposed to paying for a desired result.  With this solution we are not billing for hours worked but rather for the results and benefits delivered.

All work performed either onsite or remotely based upon the need and severity of issue.  There is no additional charges for traveling onsite to your location.  All remote access goes through our data center (no third party hosting) and all sessions are recorded.

Our Total IT Care plan provides the following service highlights derived from a combination of our pre-packaged services and solutions as follows. Any plan can be modified to accomodate your firms specific needs or goals.


Servers: (Total Server Care)


a.     Maintain server health through industry standard best practices

b.     Provide and Install Antivirus Licenses

c.      Monitor and Manage the provided Antivirus Software

d.     Provide and Install Antivirus Exchange E-mail Licenses

e.     Monitor and Manage Exchange E-mail Antivirus Software

f.      Monitor and Manage Windows Operating System Updates & Patches

g.     Install and Manage Remote server access software (System Administration Usage)



Network: (Total Network Care)


  1. Monitor all Firewall, Router & Switch Devices in the Local Area Network*
  2. Manage & Maintain all Firewall & Router configurations**
  3. Repair & Maintenance of CAT-5 cabling termination points and connectors.
  4. Manage Domain Security policies and procedures


PCs and Workstations: (Total Desktop Care)


  1. Provide and install Antivirus Software Licenses
  2. Monitor and Manage the provided Antivirus Software
  3. Provide and install Anti-Spyware Licenses
  4. Monitor and Manage the provided Anti-Spyware Software
  5. Monitor and Manage Windows Operating System Patches
  6. Temporary File and Internet Debris Removal
  7. Install and Manage Remote desktop assistance software (for technical support usage)
  8. Provide end user onsite and remote support services through remote desktop assistance software

Line of Business Software: (Total Application Care)


  1. Manage and Maintain all Server and Workstation Application Software including all patches, updates and revisions.
  2. Provide end user support on operating desktop applications. 



Backup\Disaster Recovery: (Total Backup Care)


  1. Provide, Manage and Maintain our Total Backup Care licenses.
  2. Configure critical server file, MS Exchange,  application and database onsite and\or offsite backups for as frequent as hourly. 



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