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Wifi Services

Wireless networking is everywhere and growing steadily. Entiries such as Hotels, Retail Establishments, Convention Centers, Campgrounds, RV parks, Municipalities and others are eager to get their WiFi networks up and running.  We at prime MSP have implemented many different types of WiFi and wireless connected network environments. Some types of succesfull projects are secure corporate Wireless networks, conference areas, secure building to building links, Public access WiFi, Private IP Security Camera Systems, Retail & hospitality WiFi,  hotspots, etc...

Most companies shudder when it comes to quoting a project in a cement or concrete building structure, not Prime. When it comes to adverse and non-WiFi friendly buildings and structures this is where our true expertise shines. Instead of merely loading you up with more WiFi access points than you actually need we will precisely implement the correct amount of equipment that is needed and nothing more.

We frequently implement solutions containing 50% (half) the amount of WiFi equipment as other vendors estimating the same project.  The fact is that signal overlap from over powering areas can degrade the end user experience.

In one instance we were able to provide picture perfect signal to a 165 room concrete hotel structure with only 2 of our specialized units where other vendors had quoted 17 pieces of WiFi equipment. The monetary savings to the hotel owner was 80%.

Professional WiFi installations is also rapidly growing in the home environment. With the injection of so many wireless devices in the home such as computers, phones, game consoles, sound systems, DVD\Blue-ray players, Netflix and web enabled TV sets the reliance is great.  When it come to home WiFi installations many vendors completely ingore the need for a industry standard firewall. They are not acknowledging that many credit card transactions so much private data resides on your home systems. You can not afford to falsely assume the Internet Service Provider is protecting you, they are not. Theay are tasked with providing you the service and it is your responsibility to protect yourself.


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